Agile Software Development

KGiSL has strived for several years to deliver software services that meet return on investment for every client. Our Project management methodology is in sync with latest trends and our team work together to plan, build and deliver software.

We have always listened to our Customers needs, responded immediately and provided them products and services above their expectations. This customer centered philosophy is imparted in every member of our team.

Agile transformation at KGiSL happened through mentoring of world-class agile consulting professionals from ThoughtWorks.

Businesses wants quicker delivery at a lesser cost and we have kept this promise for every single project we work on especially due to our adaptation of agile software development methodologies. Now, all our Project Managers, Developers and Quality analyst at KGiSL possess in-depth knowledge in Agile Practices.

We implement the following Agile Methodology practices. It starts with Product Vision and builds on...

  • Collective ownership
  • Small release cycles
  • Test Driven Design
  • Pair programming
  • Scrum daily meetings
  • Behavior driven development
  • Code and design reviews
  • Continuous integration
  • Source Control / Version Control
  • Test Automation

The list goes on but what makes KGiSL highly agile is our retrospective nature to adopt and tune to get more effective. We also gain Customer satisfaction by rapid, continuous delivery of software.

Being agile in our development process gives precise view of the project with complete transparency, clear communication and collaboration. Agile Development Practice is also fueled by our in-house Tech Team with members who have passion for technology. They also support the organization to adopt to fast changing technologies.