Cross Segment Solutions

Information is the life line of any organization and ensuring this information is properly organized, updated, easily tracked for future use is vital. Every organization works with a staggering amount of physical records that hold important information.

With the exponential increase in information, maintaining, tracking and retrieving such information has become a laborious task. Companies have realized that a proper document management system that automates tasks could help ease the load of work and also experience a steep increase in productivity and operational efficiency.

The Document Organization and Retrieval Solution (DoORS) allow organizations to manage their documents in an electronic format ensuring the right document reaches the right people at the right time.

DoORS application utilizes the optical character recognition technology to processes documents making sure that manual effort and errors caused is kept to a minimum. DoORS is also designed to easily integrate with the existing legacy systems.

  • Easily adapts to the business process of the organization.
  • Allows to easily define Metadata/Attributes from quick-select menus.
  • Documents can be grouped by user defined parameters.
  • Automatically re-organize the order of document images.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • In Sync with compliance requirements.
  • Centralized data storage system that provides for faster access and integrity.
  • Ensures scalability, data integrity, easy maintenance and reliability.
  • Complemented by a comprehensive graphical user interface with dashboards, document processing viewer, metadata setting, etc.

Processing & Viewing Documents is Simple:

  • Allows users to define a few metadata/attributes from quick-select menus.
  • Link the tools together in order according to existing business processes.
  • Click to start the processing job.
  • Quick select menus to view processed documents using filter conditions.

Tools to Organize a Set of Documents:

  • Re-organize the order of document images based on “Page No.” during processing.
  • Related documents can be grouped together in a document set based on common data.
  • Reduces the cost in space consuming storage units and staffs to handle the files.
  • Easily retrieve documents stored as enhanced images for increased security and verification purposes.
  • The shorter processing time improves the day to day operations of all functions within an organization.
  • Doing away with the manual based paper work and adopting the automated process will inculcate a green initiative inside the office.