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Forex Trade Monitoring Software

Dolphin FX is a robust and comprehensive solution for the treasury middle office team to handle, monitor and report Corporate FX trades. The solution is developed on a customizable framework to handle any type of regulatory changes from RBI/regulatory bodies on the treasury operations.

Corporate Forex Trade Monitoring Solution:

Dolphin FX effectively handles document management, monitoring and reporting needs involved in corporate FX Trades. The solution can handle and track all financial instruments like Forward, Spot, Options, Swap, Derivatives and Structure Trades for both export and import trades. Dolphin FX simplifies the operations by determining the documents required from a client for executing a trade till automatically setting up limits for the client based on previous year transactions. Document capturing, periodic follows ups and trade confirmation printing are a few features that will make the treasury operations more easy and productive. The solution supports all major currencies and operations of Corporates FX Trades.

Document Management:

The inbuilt document management system scans and maintains all required KYC documents for Corporate clients and the system alerts the middle-office users in Treasury department for any required documents or if any documents needs changes or renewals. The system has an automated workflow to populate the required documents to be submitted for various trade types.

The DMS module can be extensively leveraged to map, store and retrieve documents relating to KYC, Client Level (Quarterly and Half Yearly Docs), Trade Level (Confirmation) Past Performance and Underlying Limits.

Past Performance and Underlying Limit Monitoring:

Dolphin FX plays a vital role in monitoring the process involved in the trades like underlying limit monitoring, past performance limit monitoring and derivative limit monitoring. The system easily understands the type of trade that is being done and automatically tags any relevant underlying or past performance documents and calculates the utilization for every individual trades. The system is equipped for an automatic and a value based tax calculation and cancellation charges.

Trade Reporting:

Dolphin FX does a timely and effective reporting resulting in better operations and decision making. An important and unique feature that the system has is the Good to Trade Screen which reports the dealers about clients who are good to trade with, based on their previous trade transactions with the bank. Apart from this, the system also has trade prerequisites document view, limit monitoring, DMS status and view that helps the Front Office Operations or dealers. MIS reporting and Regulatory reporting is done for the Back office operations. The system also sends automatic emails to clients for follow ups and trades executions. Trade confirmation printing and emailing can be done through the system.

  • Products supported – Forward, Spot, Options, Swap, Derivatives and Structured Trades
  • Tracks regulatory related documents
  • PP auto Limit set up and tracking
  • Underlying Document Tracking
  • Good to Trade screen for the Dealers/Front Office team/ Traders
  • Utilization of limits post trades
  • Trade confirmation hardcopy printing and reporting
  • Service Tax Slab Setup and Service tax cancellation entry
  • Auto e-mailer
  • Automatic Alerts for KYC, Limit monitoring, collateral follow up and reporting