Information Security Services

The biggest challenge an enterprise can face in terms of their data environment is, securing their network and IT infrastructure. Data being the heartbeat of any business, any unauthorized access or interruption, data breach or data loss can mean a disaster. Organizations cannot afford to have a database that is vulnerable towards viruses and malicious hackers wanting to destroy your mission critical systems. Regular security auditing is essential on your network and database to be prevented from external and internal threats.

Our experts provide a comprehensive, reliable and real-time protection for your business critical IT infrastructure with comparatively low cost and across all platforms. Our experts have proved themselves as excellent IT security auditors and are capable of identifying vulnerabilities that others tend to miss. Our security solution offers complete data security and privacy, protection from internal and external threats, provides user based access controls, monitors database activities and restricts unauthorized access to the network. The audit is done with our proven methodologies and best practices which has ensured 100% security of data in many organizations. Our security audit does not demand any database downtime, architectural changes or expensive tools.

KGiSL Information Security Services include:

Risk Assessment Methodology

KGiSL’s Risk Assessment Methodology is the implementation of a risk mitigation process that is repeatable and helps identifying threats, vulnerabilities, attacks, probabilities & outcomes and recognizes key areas of risk.

Security Program Review

KGiSL does a security program review formulated under the guiding principles of industry best practices and standards. The program is built to asses an organization’s security state and its prowess to handle risks, change control, user administration, incident response, controls testing, audit programs and evaluating the competence of its policies and procedures.

Penetration Testing

Information security assessment based on industry standards that allows identifying potential vulnerabilities that could cause system flaws and operational weakness. Security issues are presented as a thorough report with screenshots and proposal for mitigation.

Application Penetration Test

A set of tests that would help detect security issues within the applications used. Vulnerability tests to locate known and technical vulnerabilities, unauthorized entries and more.

Other Information Security Services provided are:

  • Information Security Controls Audit
  • Device Configuration Review
  • Monthly/Quarterly Scans
  • Social Engineering Awareness Training